So what on earth is Soft Set/Creamed Honey?

Knockmealdown Soft Set Honey

This is a question we’re often asked about our Soft Set Honey. Usually followed by, ‘why is it so white?’ It becomes even more confusing when we call it by its other name – Creamed Honey. So what is it? Well, there’s no cream added to the honey. In fact there’s nothing at all added. Soft Set Honey is simply honey that has been mixed…and mixed…and then mixed some more. 

All raw honey will crystallize eventually. Some, particularly from flowers such as dandelion, hawthorn, clover and ivy crystallize quickly, while honey from blackberry and rosebay willowherb (fireweed) crystallize more slowly. Heather Honey, which is different in so many ways to other honeys, is very slow to crystallize. Crystallization is no bad thing. It’s an indication that the honey hasn’t been heat-treated or fine-filtered, thus retaining all of its natural goodness. The crystals are delicious as they melt in the mouth. It can be used in all the same ways as runny honey and it doesn’t drip off your spoon. To make it runny again, it simply needs to be gently heated.

So why bother mixing or spinning honey to create Soft Set Honey? It’s simply a matter of preference. Some people, our family included, sometimes like to spread honey on toast. When honey is Soft Set its texture is the same as fairly soft butter and this is the way it will stay. Because the crystallization has been controlled by the spinning, it will not continue to harden in the jar. As for the colour – spinning ligthens the colour of honey making it creamy or sometimes white.

So there is it – our Raw Soft Set Honey is just honey whose crystallization has been controlled. Here at Knockmealdown Honey we add the attachment, pictured above, to an ordinary power drill and mix the honey regularly over a few days. When the honey has reached a consistency we’re happy with we jar it. Simple, nutritious and delicious!


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